Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Race is Back On!

Lots of irate runners sent emails and called and generally made known their disgust with Rapid Running for canceling the half marathon (plus 5K and 1 mile kids run) scheduled for June 30 a mere 9 days before the event. Plane tickets, hotel rooms, vacation time from work...this race was a Big Deal to a lot of people. And from what I'm reading on forums across the Net, no one could get a detailed response as to why. Nor could they get a refund! They could have their registration fee transferred to another (doomed) Rapid Running race in another city, with, you costs, vacation scheduled, etc.

According to, the day was saved by a gentleman named Dan Horan who runs Eclipse Multi-Sport. He was on vacation when he received the call asking him to be the race director. He returned home early and is busily putting together the race, along with the Buffalo Niagara Sports Commission and the Town of Orchard Park (where the Buffalo Bill's  stadium is). In two short days they have put up a registration page, had the course certified by US Track & Field (a feat Rapid Running couldn't pull off, for some reason), AND had the use of the field/stadium DONATED by the Buffalo Bills so that the race can finish on the 50 yard line as planned. I love doers. I am so thankful to all involved in making this race come together!

What about all those pre-registered people who can't get their money back? When they show their proof of registration, they get to run the 50 Yard Finish, as it has become known, for no additional cost. And the rest of us? We get to register for a much more reasonable $50 fee. It was going to cost me $95 under Rapid Running, since I chose to register late, making sure my body would withstand the training.

I did my last sprints this morning. I'll do yoga the rest of the week and maybe a little 2-3 mile easy pace run around Thursday. "Let's Go, Buffalo!"

Friday, June 22, 2012

Shocked, but not Surprised

Does that make sense? Can you be shocked, but at the same time not surprised? I'm still sorting out all of my feelings and trying not to be dramatic. I just went to register for my half marathon that is next weekend, and there it is in big, red letters: POSTPONED.

No additional information is available. It says there is more information on the race organizers website, but there is not. It's simply removed from the schedule, as if it were never there. I'm shocked. I worked for this for 18 weeks. I ran in rain. I ran in darkness. I ran in cold. I ran in heat. I ran when I didn't want to run. And just like that, it was taken away from me. Being dramatic for just two sentences: it's as if someone has died, someone that was running with me, looking over my shoulder, for the past 5 months. And now I run alone.

So why am I not surprised? Rapid Running, according to Internet searches I had done back in January, has a bad reputation for canceling races. I had two reasons for not registering early to save a few bucks: 1) Could I stay healthy this time? and 2)Was this race really going to run? I logged in monthly to make sure I didn't see a big, red CANCELED. The schedule (which is a mass schedule for every race within about a 3 hour radius) frequently has "canceled" notices. Today, there it was. Even though it didn't say "canceled", it may as well have. I've emailed the producers to see if they can shed any light.

So what now? Now I just go ahead and pick a new training program like I had planned to start after the race. Get back to heavy lifting, some plyos, some sprints. Get lean. And try to take comfort in simply knowing that I could run 13.1 miles pretty fast.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shane Freels Speaks on Ionix Supreme

Here's a link to a podcast featuring Shane Freels. Shane is a trainer in Texas who has professional athletes and Olympians as his clients. And he feeds them Isagenix.

This call starts by featuring the "Want More Energy" product, which can be compared to "Red Bull" or "5 Hour Energy" for effect. After that, he moves into my favorite product, Ionix Supreme and the difference it makes in your workouts and recovery. The part that spoke to me the most was his discussion on inflammation in the body, because this product has removed the inflammation from my knees that kept me from full squats.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Running in Upstate NY

I arrived in Youngstown on June 6. I have some pictures and a blog to write for the trip across country. Since I can't seem to get to that yet, I thought I should at least update on my training for the Rapid Running Buffalo Half Marathon.

It's hot. And humid. It's wonderful! Except for acclimating for running. Since we've been here, the temperature has been varying anywhere from 78-92, usually in a sine wave during the week. The sun is strong. I was tan after my third run. Not "just back from a week at the beach" tan, but I've lost the Casper tint I arrived with.

I've had to buy more shorts and tank tops. I've gotten to wear sun dresses I've owned and not been able to wear because it was always too cold in Port Angeles. We've had lunch on the Niagara River, on restaurant balconies overlooking the river, seated in the shade with the warmest wind blowing in from the water. That part is heaven! (Not to mention the food! Lewiston has at least 2 restaurants that have been featured on the Travel Channel, and they are taping at one of them again tomorrow night.)

Back to the running. Even at 7 a.m. it's been 30 degrees hotter than I'm used to. My first three runs I had to temporarily give up and walk for a minute or two. I made it 2.5 miles the first time, 4 or 5 the second, and had one successful 6 mile run. But even on the 6 miler, after the first 3 miles I was running a mile, walking a minute. Then running a quarter mile and walking a minute. The funny part is that it's so flat here compared to Port Angeles, my time didn't suffer much at all from the walking. Just my ego. ;)

Yesterday, I set out to run 5 miles with speed intervals. It ended up being a tempo run for the first half, then on the way back I would sprint 45 seconds followed by walking for a minute. It went better than previous runs. I need to get in a 10 miler, then start my taper.

Due to the heat/humidity, I've come to terms with not PRing in this race. I've even given myself permission to "just finish", and had a conversation with myself about how my finisher's medal will be exactly the same whether I run it in 2 hours or 3 hours. I'm going to try very hard to "just have fun with it" and enjoy the experience of being in a completely new area and that grand finish on the Buffalo Bills 50 yard line! :)

In other news, a few weeks ago I started the "Energy and Performance Pak" from Isagenix. The new IsaleanPro is in it, which a post-workout shake with 35 grams of protein. I'm seeing such a big difference in my muscle tone now! Oh sure, I still need to lean out a little more (see above regarding Lewiston's amazing food!), but I've got definition I haven't had since 2009. My shoulders and biceps/triceps have come back, and my quads and calves are now full enough that my big knees don't look so big anymore. lol. I just need to whittle the middle.