Products I Love

This page features things that I use on a regular basis that I couldn't imagine being without.

First up: Brooks Running Shoes. Currently, I'm running in the Ghost 7.

I have horrible feet for running. They are flat, with sloppy support structure. My right foot is more jacked up than my left foot. I wear custom orthotics, but it wasn't until I put them into Brooks shoes that I could run pain free. I choose a neutral shoe and let the orthotic do the correcting. No matter your issue (high arch, no arch, pronator, supinator), I'm sure there is a Right Shoe out there for you. In your shopping, be sure to check out

My Garmin running watch. It's second only to my running shoes.

My Schoshe Rhythm+ heart rate monitor. Seriously! An arm band instead of a chest band makes breathing so much easier.