Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Week 2: Faster 5K Training

Week one was nothing to write (home) about. 4 foundation runs. Snore.

I'm using a Matt Fitzgerald training program that runs on the Pear app for iPhone. I like it, because it syncs with my Scosche Rhythm+ heart rate monitor, and tells me audibly when I have exceeded my target zone. A LOT of the training is done in Zone 2. Also, I like how Matt comes on, randomly, and says things like "Form check!" and gives a running tip.

I had great success with a half marathon training program by Matt Fitzgerald in 2010, so it was an easy choice to go back to him for a faster 5K. As of now (always subject to change, but I'm trying to commit) my goal is to be a 5K specialist in 2015. I do get tempted by the half marathons advertised, but I really need to remember that 1) I don't have enough free time in my schedule to do justice to the training required to run as fast as I would want and 2) I like more visible muscle on my body. I can work my 5K training around my weight training schedule easily. I would have to give up a portion of my weight training to do HM training.

Tonight, I will be testing my new Brooks LSD Lite Jacket. Judging by the weather, it should be a good test of wind proof-ness and water resistance. It's blowing and raining out there right now! The jacket is a little big on me. It fits perfectly through my (linebacker) shoulders, but that makes the rest of it a little big. One of the best things about Brooks Running is that they let you return items, even after you've worn them, so if I don't like it I can still send it back.

Back to the training program. Yesterday was a fartlek run, today is a 4 mile run, Saturday will be a foundation run, and Sunday  will be a fast finish run. #runhappy

Friday, December 12, 2014

All foods are not created equal...

Food intolerances.  They are real.  I used to be able to eat anything, and my mother would swear I had a "cast iron stomach". Suddenly, I'm noticing that has changed.

Rice is off my daily list and must  be limited to once a week.

Dairy has been off my list for over a decade. But now that is including ice cream. Sigh. Tiny quantities are OK.  So there is that.

It's Been a While...

I never quit training, but I did quit blogging. I'm ready to pick it back up, as once again my goals have changed. 

It all started when I ran the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge race. I didn't train for it, other than one run to make sure I could still run 3.5 miles at a shot. Being in a pack of runners (and not performing too badly) contributed to that competition bug returning.  

Two months later, I saw a flyer for a 5k almost literally right in my back yard.  I entered and loved it. Soon after that, I began running once a week with the group that meets at Fleet Feet Sports. It's about 4 miles each time. In the beginning, I would get left behind.  I wasn't as fast as the fastest runners, and yet I was faster than the slowest. So I typically ran alone during the group run. I keep up better now. 

Those 4 mile runs prepared me enough to enter the Webster Turkey Trot this year. And THAT is where the running bug fully returned. I ran negative splits and had a great 4th mile. It didn't hurt that it had a big downhill. 

I'm now starting a Faster 5K training program. It's my first winter running in a real winter...cold, snow, ice...and so far I love it.