Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Race is Back On!

Lots of irate runners sent emails and called and generally made known their disgust with Rapid Running for canceling the half marathon (plus 5K and 1 mile kids run) scheduled for June 30 a mere 9 days before the event. Plane tickets, hotel rooms, vacation time from work...this race was a Big Deal to a lot of people. And from what I'm reading on forums across the Net, no one could get a detailed response as to why. Nor could they get a refund! They could have their registration fee transferred to another (doomed) Rapid Running race in another city, with, you costs, vacation scheduled, etc.

According to, the day was saved by a gentleman named Dan Horan who runs Eclipse Multi-Sport. He was on vacation when he received the call asking him to be the race director. He returned home early and is busily putting together the race, along with the Buffalo Niagara Sports Commission and the Town of Orchard Park (where the Buffalo Bill's  stadium is). In two short days they have put up a registration page, had the course certified by US Track & Field (a feat Rapid Running couldn't pull off, for some reason), AND had the use of the field/stadium DONATED by the Buffalo Bills so that the race can finish on the 50 yard line as planned. I love doers. I am so thankful to all involved in making this race come together!

What about all those pre-registered people who can't get their money back? When they show their proof of registration, they get to run the 50 Yard Finish, as it has become known, for no additional cost. And the rest of us? We get to register for a much more reasonable $50 fee. It was going to cost me $95 under Rapid Running, since I chose to register late, making sure my body would withstand the training.

I did my last sprints this morning. I'll do yoga the rest of the week and maybe a little 2-3 mile easy pace run around Thursday. "Let's Go, Buffalo!"


Kim said...

Rock on! I saw the news on FB and am so happy for you and all the other athletes who prepared. Fantastic turn of events!

Doin the Math said...

Thanks, Kim! I'm pretty excited. And starting to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Supposed to be 87 on Saturday! Here's hoping that's well after 7-9 am!

Nyna said...

Good luck, chickie! Have fun!!!

Kim said...

Have a great run, Sandi!